Few things beat a beautifully landscaped lawn. It speaks volumes about the owners of the lawn. For starters, it shows that they value their environment, and the one they create for employees and visitors.

It also shows that they don’t do things unless they are going to be of high quality. We want you to be the business that is recognized not only for your amazing product but your perfectly manicured lawn as well.

Toledo Janitorial is your landscaping partner of choice. We dedicate ourselves to making sure your landscaping is not only done well but better than it could have been done by anyone else.

We offer commercial landscaping services not only in Toledo, Ohio but the surrounding areas as well.

Our able team can handle any aspect of landscaping and consists of individuals with a wealth of experience and diverse skills and backgrounds. The team is always ready to work with you throughout the entire process whether it is designing new mosaics or laying out planters. 

Our representative is always available to perform a brief survey of your property and give you a unique quote based on your organization’s particular needs.

Be sure to visit our services area to view all our services and do not hesitate to call us today. 

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